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Organizational Psychology and Human Resources Graduate Assistantships

Our Organizational Psychology and Human Resources program currently has access to a limited number of assistantships awarded to students in our graduate programs each year.

Some of these assistantships are competitive, and students from every ASU psychology graduate program are eligible to apply. These can take the form of graduate or research assistantships. Both types pay an hourly wage of $13.50 (as of fall 2017).

Both types of assistantships involve a 17.5-hour per week commitment working in the department you are assigned (usually psychology). If you are assigned to the Organizational Psychology and Human Resources program, you will manage our data collection efforts in the lab, including scheduling, staff management and data management. Some assistantships may also involve grading and course support.

All assistantships carry an in-state tuition waiver. This means out-of-state students will be charged in-state tuition rates for that year.

If you are interested in applying for one of these positions, follow the steps below:

  1. On your application, you must check the box about graduate assistantships located on each recommendation form. Students are automatically considered for both types of assistantships, so there is no need to indicate a preference on the application form.
  2. In your personal statement, please spend some time commenting on your research background, and experience that you have in psychological research, etc. We use a broad-spectrum analysis of your qualifications, not just test scores or GPAs.
  3. The earlier you apply, the better! The faculty may award these assistantships (especially the research type) as early as March. If you wait, there may not be any left to offer you, regardless of your qualifications.