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Receive Credit for Your Community College of the Air Force Degree

The AU-ABC program aligns with the Air Force vision and meets the Air University’s near-term goal of providing enhanced educational opportunities for our enlisted force. The AU-ABC initiative establishes partnerships between the Air Force and accredited civilian higher education institutions to offer baccalaureate degree opportunities via distance learning. AU-ABC links airmen who have completed associate degrees to “military friendly” baccalaureate programs.

Key Features of the AU-ABC Program:

Angelo State University offers the following AU-ABC degree plans:

The ASU course schedule will show you what specific classes are being offered this semester. Click the link for Border Security, Criminal Justice, Intelligence, Security Studies and Analysis, or Security Studies links to view a detailed schedule.

Program Plan Files

Program plan files show the CCAF credits that apply to each degree as well as the remaining credits that students are required to complete in the program.

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Program Costs

The tuition and fee schedule is described on the Undergraduate Program Cost page.

Admission Requirements

Visit our CSS Undergraduate Admission page for more information

Notice regarding changing majors to non-AU-ABC programs:

The Office of Admissions, in conjunction with the Department of Security Studies and Criminal Justice, will make an exception to standard Angelo State University policy with regard to Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) credits. As a student majoring in any of the security studies or border security degrees, all credits from CCAF associate degrees will be accepted and applied toward your degree plan of choice. However, should you choose to change your degree plan to a degree other than security studies or border security, the transfer credits originally accepted and applied may be revoked. Again, exception to standard ASU policy will be retracted if you later choose a non-security studies/border security degree plan.

Contact CSS for more information