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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Interim Department Chair
Office Coordinator II

Border and Homeland Security

Criminal Justice

Professor/Executive Director (Asian Relations) to Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Assistant Professor

Intelligence and Analysis

Global Security Studies

Dr. Casey Jones Dr. Laurence F. (Casey) Jones

Distinguished Professor of Security Studies and Criminal  Justice Emeritus Appointed 1990, Emeritus since 2019

Laurence Jones joined the ASU faculty in 1990 as an assistant professor in what was then the Department of Government. He served as interim chair of the Department of Political Science and Philosophy from 2011-12 before becoming chair of the Department of Security Studies and Criminal Justice in 2013. He also helped start ASU’s Community Development Initiatives (CDI) in 2010 and co-authors a Pathways to Progress column in the San Angelo Standard-Times with Kenneth Stewart that deals with various public policy, health and community improvement topics. At CDI, he also conducted numerous community-based surveys and studies on behalf of local government and nonprofit organizations.

An avid researcher and writer, Jones published three books and dozens of journal articles, reviews, and instructor resource guides. He is a former managing editor of the Texas Journal of Political Studies and former consultant for Texas Law-Related Education.

Prior to arriving at ASU, he taught at Los Angeles Community College, the University of Texas at San Antonio and Texas Southern University. He holds a doctorate in urban administration from the University of Texas at Arlington.