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Graduate Certificates

All graduate certificates consist of 12 credit hours. Students can be admitted to the university as graduate certificate-seeking only. Classes earned toward a certificate can also be used toward a graduate degree if the student chooses to continue into the 36-hour graduate program. To apply for admission into the graduate certificate programs, students should still fulfill all graduate admission requirements and follow all graduate admissions application steps. At the time of application, students can select their degree as a graduate certificate instead of a master’s program.

All graduate certificate programs require an overall 3.0 grade point average and a grade of at least a B in each required class. All course work for certificates must be taken in-residence; transfer credits from other institutions will not apply towards certificate programs.

Certificate in Emergency Management (12 SCH)

Emergency Management Required Courses
Required Courses Hours
BOR 6322 Studies in Weapons of Mass Destruction Hazards and Responses 3
BOR 6330 Studies in Disaster Preparedness 3
BOR 6331 Seminar in Emergency Planning 3
BOR 6301 Seminar in Homeland Security or BOR 6302 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems 3

Certificate in Cybersecurity (12 SCH)

Cybersecurity Required Courses
Required Courses Hours
BOR 6303 Cryptology 3

BOR 6335 Data Mining

BOR 6342 Cybersecurity and Constitutional Issues 3
BOR 6350 Cyber Vulnerability or BOR 6351 Emerging Technologies in Homeland Security 3