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Drumline Auditions

The ASU Drumline has become an icon for ASU Football. The ASU Drumline continues to build on its strong history and a tradition of excellence.

Auditions for the 2018 ASU Drumline will be held at the beginning of our Early Week Camp in August. The audition consists of a short orientation meeting, followed by a rehearsal-style group audition where all participants try out in a line setting. You should be familiar with the 40 P.A.S. rudiments as well as some more contemporary “hybrid” rudiments. You should also have experience with the marching techniques associated with the battery, as movement is a big part of the activity.

If you have any questions about the ASU Ram Band Drumline, please contact Mr. Trent Shuey.

Thank you to Yamaha Marching Percussion, Evans Drumheads, Innovative Percussion Inc. and ON2 Percussion for your generous sponsorship!