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Prescribed Burning

Prescribed Burning

Prescribed burning is an effective range management tool that is used for:

  • Prickly pear control
  • Brush control
  • Maintenance of grasslands
  • Lowering browse lines
  • Improving browse/forage quality

Prescribed burns can be conducted during both the summer and winter when grass stands are dry. Recent research on summer burning has produced excellent results for controlling juniper. However, summer burning can be very dangerous.

We do not recommend summer or winter burning without assistance from range managers who are experienced with prescribed burning. If you are interested in prescribed burning, we recommend that you contact your local Natural Resources Conservation Service office or county extension office for assistance.

For more information about summer burning, contact Dr. Butch Taylor at the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station in Sonora.

Ideal Conditions For Burning

Safety is the key to successful prescribed burns. Make sure these conditions exist before burning:

  • Wind speeds of 5-15 mph

  • Steady wind direction

  • Air temperatures from 40-80 degrees

  • 25-60 percent relative humidity

  • Uniform fuel (grass stands) of 1,500 lbs/acre or more.