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All qualified visitors can study the specimens by making an appointment or by taking out a loan. Contact the Collections Manager or the appropriate curator for loan requests. To learn more about each collection, use the links provided.

Any researcher who wishes to borrow materials must make a loan request in writing to the appropriate curator. Loans are made for a period of one year with extensions possible by written request. Destructive sampling requests will be considered by the curators.

Loan requests are to be submitted on institutional letterhead. Please provide an explanation of current and projected research and how the requested materials tie in. Submit which specific specimens are of interest (list, insert table, or provide a spreadsheet of ASNHC or ASK numbers) and which preparations are requested (including tissue type if applicable), and preferred shipping preservation (e.g., on ethanol, dry ice, etc. if applicable). Please provide a FedEx account number to charge shipping to if the loan is approved.

Those requesting destructive (i.e., tissue) loans are expected to deposit research material (specimens, tissues, etc.) of equal scientific value in an accessible museum collection (at their own institution, the ASNHC, or other collections), or they may be asked to donate monetarily to the ASNHC to help defray cost of acquiring and maintaining the collection, as well as handling, subsampling, and packaging of the loan. Donation amount will be determined at the discretion of the curators and will include factors like: size of loan request, difficulty of procuring requested samples, and their rarity. Please refer to the ASNHC Loan Policy links with further information on requests, loan handling, and loan duration.

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