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Tissue Loan Policy

Individuals that request tissues from the ASNHC tissue collection must submit a short loan application and must agree to abide by the conditions outlined on this page. If the project is to be undertaken by a graduate student, the request should be accompanied by a letter from the student’s academic advisor who will be required to confirm that the student has the necessary expertise and funding to carry out the work.

Questions about tissue availability and completed loan applications should be sent to the Curator of Frozen Tissues, Dr. Loren Ammerman. Applications may also be mailed to Loren Ammerman, Curator of Frozen Tissues, Department of Biology, Angelo State Natural History Collection, Angelo State University, San Angelo, TX 76909.


Please provide the following information in the form of a letter to assist in evaluation of your request. If the application is approved, you will be asked to sign a tissue loan contract form that will accompany the loan.

  1. Specifically, what material is requested (which specimens, which tissues)? Do you have a preference as to how the tissue is shipped (preserved in lysis buffer, ethanol, or on dry ice)?
  2. How many total samples will be included in this study? Of these, how many were collected by the collaborators?
  3. What is the purpose of the research?
  4. Which genes will be sequenced if the project is molecular?
  5. How will shipment be paid? Please provide account number.


  1. Acknowledgement in Scientific Publications – Any publication resulting from the loan of tissues must acknowledge “Angelo State Natural History Collection” as the source of tissues. We also request one copy of each publication.
  2. Additional Projects – Tissues are to be used for the purpose outlined in the application. Any further studies or transfer of tissues to other institutions or researchers requires written approval.
  3. Specimen Identification – Angelo State University is not responsible for verifying the identification of tissues or vouchers. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of information concerning information in the database, however the ultimate responsibility lies with the borrower to confirm information is correct. Specimens can be requested or examined on site.
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