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Stage 3: Develop Assessment Activities


Activities must be identified in each course where a learning goal will be assessed. It is important to include both summative and formative assessment activities to demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement of student learning. It is also important to make sure that a program is not relying solely on indirect assessment measures and has an adequate number of direct assessment measures.

Assessement Activities Graphic


Assessement Plan Matrix Example 3

The example below shows how a learning goal should have a formative assessment in at least one class and a summative assessment elsewhere in the curriculum.

Question: Can you identify where there is a gap in this example?

Assessement Plan Matrix Example 1

Answer in the image below:

Assessement Plan Matrix Example 1


  1. Using the assessment activities template listed below, draft a assessment activity matrix for each major or program.
    Save the file to your local drive or your personal network drive (P:).

    Assessment Activities
    Table Template

  2. Click on the Submit button below which will launch your e-mail client. Attach the Assessment Plan Matrix and send.Submit Assessment Activities Matrix

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