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Stage 2: Develop an Assessment Plan Matrix


An assessment plan matrix articulates the program learning goals and identifies courses in which material related to these goals is taught and assessed.

An “A” at the intersection of a row-column in the matrix below indicates that the MGT LG is assessed in that course through a common and consistent assignment or set of assignments. This means that all students who take the course in any section, regardless of who is teaching, are assessed through the same assignment or set of assignments. All faculty members who teach this course must be in agreement and compliance with the assessment assignment and procedure.

An “R” indicates that material relevant to the learning goal is required in that class and is part of the course student learning objectives. Other classes may also teach the material, but it is at the instructor’s discretion and not necessarily subject to the same assessment across sections.

An “RA” indicates that the learning goal is both required and assessed. An RA should be placed in each learning goal column.


Assessement Plan Matrix Example 1 Assessement Plan Matrix Example 2 Assessement Plan Matrix Example 2


  1. Using the assessment plan template listed below, complete a matrix with the core or required major courses in which content related to these learning goals is taught and assessed.
    Save the file to your local drive or your personal network drive (P:).

    Assessment Plan Matrix
    Table Template

  2. Click on the Submit button below which will launch your e-mail client. Attach the Assessment Plan Matrix and send.Submit Assessment Plan Matrix

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