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Stage 6: Prepare Useful Records or Results and Improvements

Most external bodies are requiring a minimum of three data points for an assessment to be considered fully deployed.  Deployment, while necessary, is not sufficient.  All analysis of data must be recorded and resulting improvements made to student learning processes must be systematically documented.  New assessment processes and tools may be necessary depending on the scope and type of improvements made.  As processes mature and numbers of data points increase, 3-5 year trends should be appropriately documented and analyzed.

Given the amount of data that needs to be collected and analyzed, it is wise to give strong consideration to electronic repositories for documents and appropriate technological tools to encourage timely analysis and communication of results.  This should be an institutional decision for students to receive consistent feedback throughout their academic careers.

As stated at the beginning of this document, outcomes assessment should become a part of the culture of the department and college. When this is achieved, assessment is no longer viewed as an onerous process driven by administrators and accrediting bodies, but rather a faculty-driven commitment to the learning of students and the future of both the institution and higher education.

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