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CAEP Initial Programs Standard 5

Provider of Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement

The provider maintains a quality assurance system comprised of valid data from multiple measures, including evidence of candidates’ and completers’ positive impact on P-12 student learning and development. The provider supports continuous improvement that is sustained and evidence-based, and that evaluates the effectiveness of its completers. The provider uses the results of inquiry and data collection to establish priorities, enhance program elements and capacity, and test innovations to improve completers’ impact on P-12 student learning and development.

Standard 5 Resources

IP Standard 5 Committee

Purpose: To monitor data and recommend changes related to the CAEP Standards that lead to program excellence.

Committee Members:

  • J. Miazga, Chair
  • J. Summerlin, Department of Curriculum & Instruction Chair
  • K. Dickerson, Department of Teacher Education Chair
  • J. Klingemann, Department of History
  • J. Bright, SAISD
  • W. Sklenarik, EPI Center
Meeting Minutes:


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