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College of Education
Member, Texas Tech University System The Princeton Review - 373 Best Colleges, 2011 Edition

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Angelo State University’s Educator Preparation Program Mission Statement:

The Angelo State University faculty prepares professional education leaders to have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to meet changing societal needs in diverse school and community settings. The Educator Preparation Program at Angelo State University develops reflective candidates who embrace student-centered learning in successful partnerships with diverse families, schools, and communities.

Angelo State University’s Educator Preparation Program Vision Statement:

Preparing “A N ew G eneration of E ducators to L ead O thers” toward lifelong learning.

Defining the Unit:

The Unit at Angelo State University is defined as the Educator Preparation Program. Under the direction of the Dean of the College of Education, all programs preparing candidates for roles in a public school environment must comply with both state and national standards. An annual evaluation of certification programs is directed by the Dean of the College of Education.


NCATE Continuous Improvement Model

Institutional Report 

IR: 2012

I. Overview and Conceptual Framework


Conceptual Framework


II. Unit Standards

Standard 1: Knowledge, Skills &    Dispositions

Standard 2: Assessment System & Unit Evaluation

Standard 3: Field & Clinical Practice

Standard 4: Diversity

Standard 5: Faculty

Standard 6: Unit Governance & Resources


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