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Standard 3 Exhibits 2017

Standard 3. Candidate Quality, Recruitment, and Selectivity

The provider demonstrates that the quality of candidates is a continuing and purposeful part of its responsibility from recruitment, at admission, through the progression of courses and clinical experiences, and to decisions that completers are prepared to teach effectively and are recommended for certification. The provider demonstrates that development of candidate quality is the goal of educator preparation in all phases of the program. This process is ultimately determined by a program’s meeting of Standard 4.

3.2 ASU Admission Policies

3.4 Lesson Plan EC6 Example

3.4 Lesson Plan 4-8 Example

3.4 Lesson Plan SPED 3364

3.4 Technology Lesson Plan 1

3.4 Technology Lesson Plan 2

3.4 Case Study

3.5 Impact on Student Learning 1


Document 1.2 Case Study Rubric

Document 1.4 Chapter 74 Curriculum Standards

Report 1.1 TEA Audit & Accreditation (available onsite)

Report 1.2 ACEI Report (available onsite)

Report 1.3 CEC Report (available onsite)

Table 1.1 EPSY 3303 Dispositions

Table 1.2 Math-Science Dispositions

Table 1.3 ED 4321 Dispositions

Table 1.4 Clinical Teacher Dispositions

Table 1.5 INTASC EOSL Summary

Table 1.12 Summary of EOSL SP 2015

Table 1.13 Summary of EOSL FA 2015

Table 1.14 Summary of EOSL SP 2016


Addendum 3.1 GPAs by Cohort

Addendum 3.2 TExES Pass Rate 2016

Addendum 3.3 TExES Pass Rate 2015

Addendum 3.4 TExES Pass Rate 2014

Addendum 3.5 TEA Action Plan 2013-2014 (available onsite)

Addendum 3.6 TSI