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Public Relations Minor

The mission of the public relations (PR) profession is to manage the reputation of organizations. Our interdisciplinary Public Relations Minor is designed for students interested in gaining a basic understanding of the history, function and tools of PR. The courses that comprise this minor are heavily focused on the development and application of skills utilized by PR professionals, as well as an understanding of theories and concepts necessary for critical analysis and creative thinking. The minor includes four upper-level core courses.

The PR minor is for students who already have a basic understanding of communication and/or business theory, in addition to effective writing skills. The courses contain a heavy writing component, and will not serve as remedial courses or substitute for required courses in students’ majors.

To minor in public relations, students take these courses:

  • COMM/MM 3335 – Public Relations Principles
  • COMM/MM 3342 – Advertising Principles
  • COMM/MM 4335 – Advertising/Public Relations Campaigns and Cases
  • COMM 4336 – Integrated Marketing Communication

In addition, students take two of the following courses:

  • MM 1311 – Writing for Mass Media
  • COMM 2344 – Visual Communication
  • MM 2345 – Multimedia Development and Design
  • COMM/MM 1337 – Beginning Video Production
  • COMM 3321 – Principles of Persuasion
  • COMM 2341 Oral Interpretation
  • COMM 3352 – Communication in Professional Life
  • COMM 4338 – Communication Technologies
  • COMM/MM 4381 – Special Topics
  • TH 3320 – Vocal Production
  • ENG 3351 – Advanced Technical Writing
  • POLS 3341 – Comparative Political Systems
  • HIST 4340 – Globalization Since 1945

Students who select this minor must consult with the program’s faculty advisor prior to completing six hours of course work listed in the program. They must also complete a Minor Plan, get it certified by the dean of the college that oversees their academic major and file it in the College of Arts and Humanities prior to application for graduation.

Communication and mass media majors may not choose the public relations minor.

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