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Are you interested in making friends with people from all over the world?  Would you like to understand different worldviews?  Is it important to you to have good intercultural communication skills when you’re ready to enter the workforce?  Are you willing to help others improve their Global English competency?  Or do you need to improve your own use of the English language?

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions, then the English Language Learners’ Institute (ELLI) in the Center for International Studies (CIS) invites you to join a conversation group.

Conversation Groups are groups of 5-8 students who will meet together to participate in a variety of activities on campus and in San Angelo. The ELLI staff will also host events where all of the Conversation Groups come together to have fun. 

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  • Upcoming Events

    Spring 2018:

    Frozen Yogurt Trip - 3/23

    Fuentes lunch - 3/29

    Movie Night at Texan Theater - 4/6

    Bowling Trip - 4/13

    National Park Hike (Earth Day) - 4/22

    Lake House outing - 4/27

    End of Semester BBQ - 5/4

    If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 325 942 6507 or

  • Global English Defined

    What is Global English you ask? Let me answer by asking another question. What is the correct form of English? Is it British English? American English? Australian English?  Indian English? 

    As English has spread from England to countries in every continent, a wide variety of dialects have emerged. Global English recognizes that there is no standard English dialect. Further, when learning any language as an adult, most of the population will speak and write with an accent due to their native language influence. Most non-native English speakers will not have perfect English according to the standard that they choose to follow. Global English embraces all dialects and proficiencies of English and makes the goal of using the language simply to communicate effectively.

  • Facilitators

    If you are an ASU graduate (doctorate or master’s degree) or undergraduate (bachelor’s degree) student with leadership experience, this is an excellent opportunity to continue developing as a leader while building intercultural communication skills that will set you apart when you’re ready to begin your job search.  As a facilitator you will be a leader of a group of 5-8 students from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

    The commitment is for one semester. Your primary responsibility will be to plan 4 events for that semester for your group.  You will need to make sure your group members know about the event.  If the event is off-campus, you will be responsible for planning transportation.  There will also be monthly parties open to all ASU students hosted by ELLI that you need to attend.

    Additionally, ELLI staff will provide monthly training in intercultural communication for all group facilitators.  These session will help you gain intercultural competency - the ability to work with people from other cultures effectively - and troubleshoot difficulties that arise within your groups.  At the end of the term, each facilitator will receive a certificate indicating the number of training hours completed. 

    If you are interested in facilitating a group, please fill out an application.  Before you begin, you will need to gather the names, email addresses, and telephone numbers for 3 faculty, staff, or community members that can act as character references for you.  They should be able to talk to us about your leadership experience and why you would be a good fit in this role. 

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