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Phi Alpha Theta

Phi Alpha Theta, the international honor society for history, has more than 839 chapters in 50 states, Puerto Rico, Canada and the Philippine Islands. Invitations to join the organization are issued to undergraduate students who have completed 12 semester credit hours in history with a grade point average of 3.1 or higher and a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0. Graduate students must have completed 30 percent of their residency requirements for their degree with a 3.1 or higher grade point average.

For information regarding ASU’s Xi Zeta chapter, contact the faculty advisor:

Phi Alpha Theta News


  • 2014 Phi Alpha Theta Biennial Convention, January 2-6, 2014, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Joshua Logsdon, Aid for Paupers:  An Analysis of Pauper Relief in Two West Texas Counties, 1875-1945 
  • Duncan Knox, Women of the Stage:  An Analysis of Their Roles in Restoration and Victorian Era Theater

Fall 2014 Initiates

  • William Dalton Baker
  • Duncan M. Knox
  • Rebecca Rae Saavedra
  • Warren C. Truesdale
  • Amanda E. Wilhelm


  • Phi Alpha Theta Session, Southwestern Social Sciences Association Conference, New Orleans, La.  March 27-31, 2013
  • Kerry Buchanan, Women and Violent Crime, 1875-1899:  San Angelo, TX as a Case Study
  • Adam Fowler, Liberty:  Ancient Theory and American Realities
  • Joshua Logsdon, The Poor, the Penniless, and the Paupers:  Pauper Relief in Tom Green County, 1875-1890
  • Zach Dowdle, “Where Do You Stand?”:  FLPA, Socialists, and the Antiwar Movement

ASU’s Xi Zeta Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta would like to acknowledge the generous sponsorship of Mr. Keith Ellwanger and the San Angelo Genealogical and Historical Society for 2012-2013 activities.

Spring 2013 Initiates

  • Gracie Ann Gonzalez
  • Sara Criner Terral
  • Lauren McCollum

Fall 2013 Initiates

  • Alex Barchet
  • Christopher A. Durand
  • Matthew M. Lombardo
  • James Hunter Morris

Spring 2012 Initiates

  • Cody John Beach
  • Cliff D. Clark
  • Adam S. Fowler
  • Jamin Goecker
  • Mary E. Halcomb
  • Joshua H. Logsdon
  • Amber Nicole Stewart
  • Trevor Kain Tomlin

On December 1, 2011, faculty members and students gathered to congratulate the newest Phi Alpha Theta inductees.

Fall Inductees

  • Charles W. Bowen II
  • Sarah W. Elliott
  • Meghan J. Harp
  • Candace G. Meares
  • Morrissey G. Pickles
  • Amanda Ramon
  • Carolyn Dawn Simon
  • Cory M. Stevens
  • Ashley Wingert

December 2011 Graduates

  • Gwen Lancaster
  • Candace Meares
  • Ashley Wingert
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