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Department of Management and Marketing
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Courses In Management Science (MSC)

2331 Statistical Analysis for Business and Economics (3-0). Introduction to statistical analysis including such topics as: descriptive statistics, probability distributions, sampling, statistical inference, correlation and regression analysis, and time series and index numbers. (Formerly Business Administration 4331.) Prerequisite: Mathematics 1312 or equivalent.

3332 Applied Research Methods (3-0). This course is an overview of the qualitative and quantitative research methods used in the field of business. A special emphasis will be given on the use of computer packages such as SAS and SPSS. The course is intended to cover research design, implementation, analysis, and communication of results. Prerequisites: Management Science 2331.

4319 Forecasting and Planning (3-0). The course serves as a general course in forecasting methods. Techniques covered include smoothing, decomposition, regression, judgmental techniques, and new product forecasting. Comparison and selection of the appropriate techniques is addressed. Emphasis is placed on the interface between forecasting and the managerial functions of implementation and control. A combination of lectures, analytical exercises, problems, and computer exercises are used. Implementation of a forecast system in a small business is also utilized. Prerequisite: Management Science 2331 or consent of instructor.