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Advising Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I required to see an adviser before registering, and if so, who?

    All Psychology and Sociology majors and pre-social work students are required to see an advisor prior to registering for each semester, regardless of classification.

    Freshman Advisors

    Dr. Steven Brewer, Dr. Cordell-McNulty, Dr. Kreitler and Dr. Stenmark

    Sophomore Advisors

    Dr. Lee and Dr. Singg

    Junior Advisors

    Dr. Drew Curtis and Dr. Schell

    Senior Advisors

    Dr. Drew Curtis, Dr. Forbes, Dr. Cordell-McNulty and Dr. Teresa Hack 

    An advisor will clear your access code and will give you an advising slip that lists recommended classes for you to take.

  • Can I get into a “closed” class, and if so, how?

    Courses have limits on their enrollment based on room sizes, fire codes and/or specific aspects of the way a particular course is delivered. Once a class reaches its enrollment capacity and becomes closed, students are only let in under exceptional circumstances:

    • You must be a graduating senior majoring in psychology or sociology and the class must be one that fulfills a requirement other than an elective.


    • You will be eligible to graduate within the next semester or the one following, and you need the course to fulfill a requirement, but the course will not be offered again before you graduate.

    (Note: If another course will meet the requirements and will be offered before you graduate, then you do not meet the criteria.)

    If you qualify under either of the circumstances above, the instructor will inform the office coordinator and she will process the permit for you to register for the class.

  • How do I drop a class?

    You should get a drop slip from the class instructor and take it to the Registrar’s Office. In the event that your instructor is not available, you may get a drop slip from the department head or the office coordinator.

    The last day to withdraw from a course and receive a grade of “W” is approximately two-thirds of the way through the semester or summer session. The exact date of the “W” deadline can be found on the ASU website. After the “W” deadline, students cannot drop courses. The “W” does not affect grade point average.

  • What do I need to do if I’m a senior and plan to graduate at the end of the next semester?
    • When you register for classes, be sure to indicate that you are planning to graduate.
    • If you register by computer, complete the Graduation Application Form online. If you register by phone, go to the Archer College of Health and Human Services and complete a Graduation Application Form.
    • After you register for your classes, do an electronic degree audit and verify that there are no classes in the section on Academic Requirements Remaining.
    • Be sure to take the Exit Exam. More information will be located on Blackboard once you log in after you have applied for graduation.