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Curtis Lab

Clinical Science and Deception

Nobody believes a liar… even when he is telling the truth!


The Curtis Lab was established in 2013 at Angelo State University and is supervised by Dr. Drew Curtis. The lab broadly researches clinical science and various aspects of deception. Counseling psychology carries a history of an interface with social psychological research (Strong et al., 1992). Specifically, the lab has focused on deception within psychotherapy, health care professions, intimate relationships, and parental relationships.


  • Deception in Therapy
  • Therapist Deception
  • Training Therapist in Deception
  • Beliefs and Attitudes toward Deception
  • Deception within Healthcare Professions
  • Psychomythology of Psychopathology and Myths in Abnormal Psychology

Some of our work has examined the effectiveness of software with training therapists to recognize emotion and detect deception, beliefs and attitudes toward deception, investigating the ethics of therapist deception, establishing measurements for attitudes toward deception, looking at the impact of deception on the therapeutic relationship, attributions of lies, nursing and physical therapy students’ beliefs and attitudes toward deception, and effects of parental deception. Other work has explored psychomythology related to abnormal psychology.

Dr. Drew A. Curtis

Dr. Drew CurtisDr. Drew Curtis immensely enjoys teaching, igniting students’ passion for learning, research, and contributing to the training of competent practitioners. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Director of the Counseling Psychology Master’s Program at Angelo State University in San Angelo, TX. He earned his B.S. in Psychology and M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Sam Houston State University. Dr. Curtis earned his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Texas Woman’s University. His clinical experience has been primarily within university counseling centers and private practice. Dr. Curtis completed his pre-doctoral psychology internship at the Career and Counseling Services at the University of Houston Clear Lake in Houston, TX.

Dr. Curtis is the author of Abnormal Psychology: Myths of “Crazy”, has 47 research presentations, published 8 articles, received the Texas Woman’s University Excellence in Teaching Award, the Outstanding Graduate Student Award, and has been nominated for the Angelo State University Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award. As for his personal life, he is meaningfully married and has five children. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar, spending time with his family, and being a jungle gym for his children.

Student Researchers

Recent Projects and Publications:

*Hufstutler, M. & Curtis, D. A. (2018, April). Investigating the beliefs and attitudes of school psychologists toward deception. Poster presented at the 7th annual Angelo State University Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavor Symposium, San Angelo, TX

*Lindberg, R. & Curtis, D. A. (2018, April). Myths in schizophrenia. Poster presented at the 7th annual Angelo State University Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavor Symposium, San Angelo, TX

Curtis, D. A., *Dickens, C., *Blauser, K. P., *Sonni-Oquendo, A. N., & *Robles, A. (2017, March). Others’ Deception Attitude Measure: Investigating its Psychometric Properties. Poster presented at the 63rd Annual Southwestern Psychological Association Conference, San Antonio, TX

Cargill, J.R., & Curtis, D.A. (2017) Parental Deception: Perceived Effects on Parent-Child Relationships, Journal of Relationships Research, 8

Dickens, C. (April, 2017). Deception in therapy: Forensic therapists’ beliefs and attitudes. Master’s Thesis, Angelo State University.

Blauser, K. (April, 2017). The attitudes and beliefs of deception in the coach-player relationship. Master’s Thesis, Angelo State University.

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