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Angelo State University
Department of Psychology and Sociology

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Curriculum for Licensed
Professional Counselors

Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors

University: Angelo State University
Degree: Master of Science
Contact Person(s): Dr. William Davidson, Department Head; Dr. Sangeeta Singg, Program Director

Applicants for LPC licensure must complete at least 48 graduate semester credit hours in counseling or a counseling-related field, including at least one course in each of the content areas below.

Course Content Areas Course Numbers and Titles
Normal human growth and development
  • PSY 6347 Developmental Psychology
  • ED 6351 Human Growth and Development
Abnormal human behavior
  • PSY 6307 Psychopathology
Appraisal and assessment techniques
  • PSY 6322 Psychological Assessment
  • PSY 6321 Individual Intellectual Assessment
  • PSY 6345 Advanced Psychological Assessment
Counseling theories
  • PSY 6323 Individual Counseling
Counseling methods or techniques
  • PSY 6323 Individual Counseling
  • PSY 6324 Group Counseling
  • PSY 6309 Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy
  • PSY 6315 Marriage and Family Counseling
  • PSY 6326 Counseling with Minorities
  • PSY 6327 Therapy with Children & Adolescents
  • PSY 6313 Research Design and Analysis
  • PSY 6391 Research
  • PSY 6399, 6691 Thesis
Lifestyle and career development
  • PSY 6351 Survey of Vocational Counseling Methods
  • ED 6347 Career and Occupational Counseling
Social, cultural and family issues
  • PSY 6303 Social Psychology
  • PSY 6315 Marriage and Family Counseling
  • PSY 6326 Counseling with Minorities
Professional orientation
  • PSY 6324 Group Counseling
    *May not use practicum course for this