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Angelo State University
Department of Psychology and Sociology

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Curriculum for Licensed
Professional Counselors

Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors

University: Angelo State University
Degree: Master of Science
Contact Person(s): Department Head; Dr. Sangeeta Singg, Program Director

Applicants for LPC licensure must complete at least 48 graduate semester credit hours in counseling or a counseling-related field, including at least one course in each of the content areas below.

Course Content Name, Numbers and Titles
Course Content Areas Course Numbers and Titles
Normal human growth and development

PSY 6347 Developmental Psychology
ED 6351 Human Growth and Development

Abnormal human behavior

PSY 6307 Psychopathology

Appraisal and assessment techniques

PSY 6322 Psychological Assessment
PSY 6321 Individual Intellectual Assessment
PSY 6345 Advanced Psychological Assessment

Counseling theories

PSY 6323 Individual Counseling

Counseling methods or techniques

PSY 6323 Individual Counseling
PSY 6324 Group Counseling
PSY 6309 Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy
PSY 6315 Marriage and Family Counseling
PSY 6326 Counseling with Minorities
PSY 6327 Therapy with Children & Adolescents


PSY 6313 Research Design and Analysis
PSY 6391 Research
PSY 6399, 6691 Thesis

Lifestyle and career development

PSY 6351 Survey of Vocational Counseling Methods
ED 6347 Career and Occupational Counseling

Social, cultural and family issues

PSY 6303 Social Psychology
PSY 6315 Marriage and Family Counseling
PSY 6326 Counseling with Minorities

Professional orientation

PSY 6324 Group Counseling
*May not use practicum course for this