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Experimental Lab Student Alumni

  • Reagan McGee

    Reagan Cox worked with Dr. Kreitler as an undergraduate student. She completed a study over the effects of having a sibling with special needs. This study was published in the Angelo State University Social Sciences Research Journal. She graduated in 2016 and worked as a behavioral therapist in Keller, Texas for one year before pursuing further education. Regan was recently accepted into a experimental psychology PhD program at TCU and plans to graduate in 2022.

  • Makenzie Ocker

    Makenzie Ocker worked as an undergraduate research grant student in the cognitive lab as a research assistant. She completed a series of studies over facial symmetry perceptions in college students in which she and Dr. Kreitler investigated the correlations between facial symmetry and perceptions of attractiveness, trustworthiness, and likeability. The second study she conducted focused on context dependent memory and chewing gum while she pursued an undergraduate degree in Biology.

    Makenzie also co-authored manuscripts on her studies that have been published in CRIUS and the other is under review by the American Journal of Psychological Research. She has presented her research at Angelo State University’s Undergraduate Research Symposium and at a SWPA convention in Dallas, Texas. She plans to graduate in 2018, and plans to pursue a career in Emergency Medicine. 

  • Allen Rodarte

    Allen Rodarte served as a Graduate assistant in the Fall of 2012 and Spring of 2013. He completed a study over improving ethical and moral decision-making, while also serving as a Research Assistant in the Cognitive Lab. The study, ACED IT: A tool for improved ethical and moral decision-making was published in the Journal of Moral Education in 2014 and was presented at the annual Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Conference in Hawaii.

    Allen graduated in 2014, and works as CalTech’s Marketing Manager in San Angelo, Texas.

  • Brittany Paige Trubenstein

    Brittany “Paige” Trubenstein worked in the Cognitive Lab as an undergraduate grant research student during the academic year of 2014-2015. Paige co-authored an article regarding personality traits and overconfidence in decision making during her time. In addition, Paige authored an article that is published in the ASU journal under the mentorship of Dr. Kreitler’s 4321 course regarding employee and employer personality matching when hiring new applicants. She graduated in May of 2015, and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. as a Graduate Research Assistant in the Biobehavioral Research Lab at the University of California, Riverside. She plans to obtain her Ph.D. from UCR in 2020.

  • Jordan Walker

    Jordan Walker worked with in the Cognitive Lab as an honors student and worked with Dr. Kreitler as President of ASU’s Psychology Club. She received grant funding in the fall of 2015 to conduct an independent research project over attachment styles and perceptions of alcohol use in a college population. Jordan published an article over dyslexia in the Angelo State University Social Science Research Journal, defended her thesis over the research she conducted on attachment styles, and is currently pursuing publication for these findings.

    She has presented research at both the annual convention of the Southwestern Psychological Association and Angelo State Undergraduate Research Symposium. She graduated with both Highest Honors and Magna Cum Laude in 2016. Additionally, she was also recognized as the Psychology Student of the Year in 2016 and by Who’s Who among Students in American Colleges and Universities in 2015. Jordan currently works in San Angelo plans pursue graduate school in the future

  • Jocelyn Bright

    Jocelyn Bright served as a Teaching Assistant and Graduate Assistant under Dr. Kreitler throughout her time at ASU. She assisted with studies on pain and memory on eye-witness testimony and perceptions on gender and moral intensity.  Jocelyn graduated in 2017 with a Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She currently resides in Hannibal, Missouri and works as an administrator for a local non-profit organization. 

  • Andy Chavarria

    Andy Chavarria is a recent graduate of the Industrial/Organizational Psychology Graduate Program at ASU. She was a psychology major at ASU as well and is an active member in organizations such as Psi Chi, Psychology Club and SHRM. Andy is currently a Human Resources Representative at Clinical Pathology Laboratories in Austin, TX.

  • Rebecca DuMond

    Ms. Rebecca Piñón DuMond served as Teaching Assistant and Graduate Assistant under Dr. Kreitler. She assisted with a study over Aced It Cognitive Mapping Tool in relation to ethical decision making.  She also helped to organize and set up the lab space that was not established at that time.

    Ms. Piñón DuMond graduated in 2012 with a Master of Science in Psychology with a concentration in Counseling, and works with children and adolescents who have been adjudicated for crimes as a psychologist with the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice.  She currently resides in Summerville, South Carolina, and works part-time as an adjunct psychology instructor in the Charleston area.

  • Alyssa Parisette-Sparks

    Alyssa Parisette-Sparks completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at California State University in San Marcos. She currently resides in San Diego, California and completed Angelo State University’s Applied Psychology Master’s program in December 2016. She intends to apply to Doctoral programs in Clinical Psychology and continue her career researching developmental psychopathology after spending a year with her daughter who was born in April 2017