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Cultural Competence Undergraduate Course Descriptions

  • Cultural Competence (CUL)

    2323 World Cultures (3-0). In this course, students will analyze the importance of culture around the world. Students will be introduced to cultures while exploring the historical, contextual, and cultural differences of various regions. Basic concepts related to culture will be introduced and their relevance illustrated through case studies on how culture has impacted the world.

    3310 Introduction to Cultural Competence: Making Sense of the World I (3-0). This course serves as an introduction to various analytical approaches for understanding the dynamics of cross-cultural interaction. Students will explore the variety of “worlds” made visible through the lens of theory. The course aims to foster critical thinking about how cultural constructs shape our understanding of the world and attempted solutions to global problems.

    3312 Cultural Competence: Making Sense of the World II (3-0). This course is a continuation of Cultural Competence 3310 that extends its analysis of cultural constructs to include specific issues related to international relations, solutions to global problems, and national security.

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