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Angelo State students work to complete items on their study abroad checklist.

Study Abroad Checklist

Advance Planning

  • Conduct a program search on the CIS website.
  • Attend an information meeting.
  • Check into financial aid and scholarships.
  • Work on a budget for going abroad.
  • Read blogs and comments from current participants on our website.
  • Meet with your program director and/or academic advisor to discuss your plans, including courses of interest and possible equivalencies.

Applying to a Program

  • Make sure you meet all requirements for your selected program.
  • Apply early.
    • Log on to RamPort
    • Navigate to the Academics page
    • Select Apply to Study Abroad button on the Study Abroad section
    • Choose your program
    • Prepare and submit your essay
    • Wait for notice regarding acceptance status of your application

Pre-Departure Preparation

  • Be sure you understand the refund policy.
  • Be sure you understand that study abroad program costs do not include regular ASU tuition and fees.
  • In RamPort, review and sign off on the Study Abroad Requirements and the International Studies Scholarship.
  • Update your emergency contacts in RamPort.
  • Check your ASU email account frequently for program updates.
  • Keep track of all deadlines.
  • Apply for a passport within 10 days of program acceptance notification.
  • Apply for scholarships.
  • Apply for financial aid (fill out the FAFSA if you have not already).
  • Be prepared to pay three installment program costs:
    • $500 is due Dec. 11.
    • $1,500 is due Feb. 1.
    • The final installment will be based on actual course costs, and the due date will be set by your program directors.
  • Visit the ASU Health Clinic or make an appointment with your physician to complete the Health Clearance Form.
  • Submit these materials to the CIS:
    • Confidential Health History Form
    • Health Clearance Form
    • Passport copy
    • Emergency Medical Treatment Form
  • Complete your online pre-departure orientation.
  • Visit the U.S. Department of State website to search for information about your destination.
  • Register for your classes.
  • Complete the Part I portfolio to submit to your director.
  • Talk with your financial institution about accessing money abroad.
  • Visit websites and read books about the country you will visit.
  • Share your itinerary and contact information with family members.
  • Learn about your location abroad so you can pack appropriately.
  • Pay your tuition and fees before departing the U.S., if possible.

Back at Home

  • Complete Part II of your portfolio and submit it to your director.
  • Enter the CIS Photo Contest.
  • Be an ambassador for ASU’s study abroad program.

Start thinking when, where and how you can travel abroad again!

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