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Fitness Classes

University Recreation offers free fitness classes to ASU students! Faculty and staff are welcome to participate with the purchase of a UREC pass. You can join a class at any time during the semester. Classes meet in the Center for Human Performance room 202.

  • Guts and Glutes

    Guts and Glutes is a 50-minute muscular endurance class focusing on legs and core exercises. Redefine your muscles with strengthening exercises using a variety of resistance equipment, for men and women. Equipment may include weights, medicine balls, body bar, resistance bands, or BOSU. Abs and stretching included. (Class time: 50 minutes)

  • Workout of the Day

    Instructors choice! This class will give you a full body workout while offering a wide variety of workout styles and intensities. From cardio exercises to strength, core and balance; this class will give you the challenge you need. (Class time: 50 minutes)

  • Cycle 45

    This indoor cycling class consists of taking you through intervals of varying speeds, resistance levels, and intensities targeted to increase your heart rate while strengthening your lower body. (Class time: 45 minutes) 

  • Kettlebell Sculpt and Tone

    Sculpt and tone the body by utilizing kettlebells to build upper and lower body strength, cardiovascular endurance, power and increase grip strength. (Class time: 50 minutes)

  • Ab Lab

    All-around abdominal toning and strengthening. This class includes intense core concentration movements followed by a cool down and coupled with stretching. (Class time: 30 minutes)

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