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Exploratory Tracks and Academic Advisor

We are excited to have you as an ASU dual credit student! We want to do everything we can to help you succeed and take the classes you need for maximum credit when you get to college.

As a dual credit student, you will have a degree plan based on the exploratory track you chose when you applied. These are general guides on classes that you can take in high school that will be applicable to a general set of degrees. If you have any questions about the classes you need to be taking, or what track is best for you, please contact our dual credit academic advisor. 

Exploratory Tracks

Arts and Humanities



Life Science and Health Professions

Social and Behavioral Science

Math, Engineering, Physical Science and Technology

Dual Credit Academic Advisor

Lauren Arcides

Request for Academic Advising

Please fill out the form below to have an academic advisor review your dual credit courses. The advisor will review the courses you have taken and what major you are interested in to determine what classes you have remaining and an estimated time to complete your degree at ASU. This timeline is an estimate, as course offerings and degree requirements could change.

Request for Advising