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Math, Engineering, Physical Science and Technology

High School Endorsements that support this track:

Primary Core Dual Credit Courses for Exploratory Track -Mathematics, Engineering, Physical Sciences and Technology

*MATH 1314
ENGL 1301
ENGL 1302
POLS 2305
POLS 2306
HIST 1301
HIST 1302

Additional Dual Credit Opportunities

MATH 1316 - Trigonometry
MATH 2312 – Pre-Calculus
CHEM 1411 – General Chemistry
BIOL 1406 – Biology for Science Majors I
BIOL 1407 - Biology for Science Majors II

ASU Majors Available in this Track:

Academic Advising

Certain classes may be more beneficial depending on your intended career path and the major you plan to pursue after high school. For assistance on what classes you can take towards a specific major, please contact the ASU dual credit academic advisor at

Please contact your high school counselor for questions about classes that might be required to graduate high school and what courses might be available to you.