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ADA Policies

Instructor Rules

ASU Dual Credit instructors should not give accommodations to students without receiving approval from ASU. While the high school may have approved accommodations for the student, ASU has different rules for college courses of which they must follow. The student must follow the rules below to request accommodations. The high school counselor may be able to assist the student with these steps. Students must submit an initial application to request accommodations for the first time, and must submit a renewal application each semester after in which they wish to receive accommodations.

Student Steps for Receiving Accommodations as a Dual Credit Student

  1. Complete and submit the online application for accommodations, which can be located at New students will receive an ASU username and password to login a few weeks before the start of their first semester.
  2. Select “Dual Credit” under the classification section.
  3. Request your high school counselor send supporting documentation to the address, fax number, or email address listed below.
  4. Meet with your high school counselor and Dallas Swafford, the Director of Student Disability Services at ASU, to determine appropriate accommodations.
  5. A letter of accommodation will be shared with you.
  6. Renew your accommodations with each subsequent semester by submitting the Renewal Request Form.

For More Information

Student Disability Services
Fax: 325-942-2211
ASU Station #11047, San Angelo, TX 76909