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Departmental Liaisons

Departmental Liaisons are available to answer dual credit instructors’ questions about curriculum, textbooks, assessment, and other topics relevant to ASU courses. Please feel free to reach out to the instructors listed below for questions and training opportunities.

Liaison Contact Information
Field Liaison Email Phone Number
Art Chris Stewart 325-486-6027
Biology Connie Heimann 325-486-6651
Chemistry Kyle Beran 325-486-6663
Communication/​Speech Gigi Scott 325-486-6788
Economics Edwar Escalante 325-942-2046
English Melissa Huffman (1301 and 1302) 325-942-2273
Erin Ashworth-King (Sophomore-level courses) 325-942-2273
Geography Jason Pierce 325-942-2324
Geosciences Elizabeth Koeman-Shields  325-486-6767
History Jason Pierce 325-942-2324
Math Codi Jaynes


Modern Languages Maria Onofre-Madrid

Music Constance Kelley 325-486-6032
Philosophy Susana Badiola 325-486-6105
Physics/Physical Science Scott Williams 325-486-6897
Political Science Matt Gritter 325-942-2262
Psychology Ashley Araiza 325-486-6718
Sociology Joel Carr 325-486-6881
Theatre Daniel Anderson 325-486-6191