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Presidential Scholars

Get a head start on your college education by taking college-level classes on your high school campus.

This program is available to high school students whose schools have a dual credit agreement with Angelo State. Check with your high school counselor to see if your high school is currently a dual credit partner with us!

Take Classes on the Angelo State Campus

Become part of the Ram Family in three easy steps:

  1. Submit your dual credit application.

  2. Have your parent/guardian submit the dual credit credit parent/guardian agreement form.

    Your parent/guardian will receive an email with a link to submit this electronic form a few days after you apply. This will be sent to the parent’s email address entered on the dual credit application.

    If the electronic parent agreement  form needs to be resent to your parent’s email address, please email to request that. Please include the following information in the request email: student name, ASU Campus ID (CID) or date of birth, high school attending, and parent email address.

    Submitting this form electronically is the fastest way to complete this step. However, a paper version of the agreement form is available. Please print, sign and return this form to your high school counselor.

  3. Request your high school transcript and all test scores be sent to Angelo State.

Additional Application Steps

Homeschooled High School Students

Please also complete the following:

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Already part of the program?


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