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Checking out of Residence Halls

Our residence halls remain open for students who are unable to return home. If you are currently on campus and are able to return home, we strongly encourage you to do so. If you are at home, we encourage you to stay home and complete your coursework remotely.

You should begin moving out immediately and will need to complete your move-out by March 29, if possible. If you are unable to complete your move-out by March 29, please email

What is the procedure for moving out of the residence halls?

If you are currently on-campus, you do not need to sign-up for a check-out time. 

  1. Remove your belongings from your room.
  2. Clean your room.
  3. Only the Express Check-out process will be used: 
    • The Express Check-out envelope will be available at the hall office;
    • When you have vacated and cleaned the room, please make sure you have filled out the envelope;
    • Put your room key and mailbox key in the Express Check-out envelope and drop it in designated box; and
    • There will be no room inspections upon check-out. However, egregious or intentional damages to the room may be charged to the resident.

Returning mail keys if you are off campus

If you are off campus and have already moved out of all your belongings, cleaned your room/suite/apartment, but still have your room and mailbox keys, you must mail back your keys. Housing is not responsible for returned keys that are lost in the mail.

  1. Key(s) must be sent Certified Mail or FedEx.
  2. Key(s) must be placed in a sturdy envelope that cannot be easily damaged by the keys inside. It is recommended to utilize a bubble mailer/envelope.
  3. Returned mailbox keys require a forwarding mailing address.
  4. Keys must be mailed to:
    Housing and Residential Programs
    Angelo State University
    ASU Station #11016
    San Angelo, TX 76901-1016

Will I receive a refund?

Students checking out of the residence halls are being given a prorated refund for housing and gold meal plans.  Please note that if you owe any outstanding balance to the university, the refund is first applied to that balance before being refunded to the source by which you paid the university.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Javier Flores with any questions and/or concerns at 325-206-0541 or Tracy Baker at 325-942-2035.

Will there be emergency housing for students?

The University will review Emergency Housing requests submitted via the Emergency Housing form.

Some criteria that would allow students to stay might include:

  • The student’s permanent residence is outside of the United States, and the student is unable to travel to that country.
  • The student’s academic department has deemed that a required academic activity (e.g., internship, practicum, clinical work) will continue and that the student is required to remain on campus.
  • The student has personal circumstances preventing them from leaving campus. Some examples include:
    • The student is an independent student;
    • The student is part of the foster care system or has aged out of the foster system;
    • The student does not have a permanent address;
    • Returning home would represent a health and safety threat to the student or individuals who live at the student’s home; or
    • Returning home will prevent the student from accessing their courses remotely because of insufficient internet and technology capabilities.

Documentation may be requested to support the reasons in the student’s request.

For students who do not have another option, University Student Housing may be able to provide emergency housing through May 15th.

  • There will not be any residence hall programming.
  • No guests will be permitted.
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