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Travel Guidelines

Under guidance from the Texas Tech University System, we have updated our travel guidelines as follows relating to COVID-19:

University-Related Travel

University-Related International Travel

  • Effective immediately, all university-related international travel by Angelo State University students, faculty, and staff, is suspended through April 30.  Please cancel all pending trips that fall within this time period, even if the president’s approval has already been obtained. 
  • We will monitor closely and re-evaluate whether an extension on this suspension is needed or whether travel restrictions can be lifted when there is clear evidence that the global public health emergency is abated. 

University-Related Domestic Travel

  • Domestic travel is highly discouraged at the present time. Effective immediately through April 30, all travel requests for university-related domestic travel need to be reviewed by your respective Deans, Vice Presidents, or Provost prior to approval. Requests will be reviewed to determine whether travel is considered mission-critical to the health and/or welfare of the university and its activities. If approved, Deans, Vice Presidents or the Provost should send an email or memo to the Travel Office dated 3/9/2020 or after. Any current pending trips should be re-evaluated under this guidance to determine whether cancellation is necessary at this time.
  • Conferences and non-TTU System campus site visits should be considered non-mission critical unless there is an extenuating circumstance to support the justification for the travel.

Reimbursement for University-Related Travel

In the event you cancel a trip (international or domestic) in accordance with this guidance, you must seek a refund for any prepaid expenses (such as airline/hotel) in order to mitigate the loss of funds. If vendors refuse reimbursement of prepaid expenses and a refund or travel credit is not issued to you, please work with your supervisor or program administrators to facilitate any reimbursements as provided under Angelo State University Operating Policies. The Travel Office will begin contacting each employee for travel already encumbered to determine the status of upcoming trips and provide guidance to cancel air fare and unencumber funds for canceled trips. A memo from the president is available that you may provide as applicable to reflect this travel suspension to assist you in your efforts to cancel travel and request reimbursements.  

Personal Travel

We encourage you to evaluate your personal travel plans regarding both domestic and international destinations.  Please carefully consider the avoidance of places identified with a travel health warning notice by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and be aware of the possibility to alter your plans as the spread of COVID-19 continues to develop.

International Personal Travel

Students, faculty and staff who travel outside of the United States are required to register with the university before leaving or immediately upon return of a trip, using this travel form. If the travel was to a country identified by the CDC with a travel health notice warning of Level 3 or higher, travelers will be required to self-isolate off campus for 14 days before returning to campus.

Domestic Personal Travel

To assist us in providing support to you and ensure that we can adhere to appropriate screening before your return to work and school, please fill out the travel form on our website to identify your travel plans.

Travel Form

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