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Core Curriculum Assessment

Beginning Fall 2017, THECB Core assessment at Angelo State University will follow a biennial system (“one on, one off). Each course identified as part of the Core will be assessed on all SLOs associated with it once every four long semesters. One assessment device should be constructed that can link to all the Core SLOs with which it is associated. 

Academic Year 2019-2020 is an “ON” year!

In 2019-20, we will report all SLOs individually rather than as a grand mean of all SLOs within courses. We will also utilize the AAC&U VALUE rubrics for all Core artifact scoring.

We will no longer subdivide the THECB SLO statements. Thus, there is now a single Critical Thinking SLO, not “CT1” or “CT2.”

Additionally, a maximum of four (4) sections of each Core course will be assessed when scheduled with the following exceptions:

Please direct questions on academic assessment to the Director of Assessment listed below:

Dr. Kraig Schell, ext. 6128

 Important Information and Documents