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Center for Digital Learning and Instruction

Supporting Innovative and Impactful Online Education

In the Center for Digital Learning and Instruction (CDLI), our mission is clear: to empower our faculty to craft unparalleled digital learning experiences for our students. We’re dedicated to supporting the ASU community by breaking barriers and expanding access to higher education through cutting-edge digital learning.

Our services are tailored to elevate the standards of digital education, offering comprehensive support and resources for faculty in course development, assessment, and pedagogical strategies. With a collaborative environment at our core, we foster creativity and innovation to deliver engaging instruction that enriches the student learning journey.

We believe in the transformative power of education and its ability to transcend boundaries. We’re committed to providing a dynamic space where research-based practices meet innovative teaching methods, ensuring an enhanced and immersive learning experience for all students.

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Explore our range of services, discover the tools at your disposal, and embark on a path of impactful digital education.