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Observations and Course Reviews


If you would like to be observed in a face-to-face classroom and provided with objective feedback, the Center for Digital Learning and Instruction is happy to help. Our feedback is only intended to help you improve in the classroom and is not shared with anyone but you, nor can it be used against you during the tenure and promotion process. To set up a course observation, contact the center at or 325-942-2853.

Course Review

ASU has adopted the Online Learning Consortium’s Quality Scorecard to evaluate the quality of online courses. You can request a course review and our instructional design team will evaluate your course using the Quality Scorecard and provide you with the feedback.

It can also be advantageous for you to evaluate your own course and then request a CDLI review. Once both parties have evaluated the course, you can compare the reviews for commonalities and discrepancies, and then work with an instructional designer to make a course improvement plan.