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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Adopting OER

At Angelo State, we strive to be student-centered in everything we do. If you are interested in exploring Open Educational Resources (OER) options for your courses, we fully support you in that venture.

Finding OER

ASU’s library has created this OER LibGuide with general information to help find and evaluate OER for potential use in your courses. You can also reference this Popular OERs by Discipline LibGuide for more specialized assistance. To get more help with your OER search, contact the ASU library at 325-486-6548 or

Using OER in Your Class

Once you have selected an OER, the Center for Digital Learning and Instruction can meet with you about how best to add the resource to your course. Contact the center at or 325-942-2853 to schedule a session.

Integration Request Form

If you are planning to use an OER tool that has never been used at ASU and collects and stores assessment data, you may need to complete this Integration Request Form so that Information Technology can further investigate your request. Please keep in mind that these investigations will include a review of student information privacy to ensure that the tool you selected does not violate FERPA.