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Faculty Self-Help Resources

We love it when faculty want to learn a new skill so they can be empowered to create, revise or troubleshoot their own problems. Here’s a few resources to help you.

Technology Help

The Technology Knowledge Portal is a searchable content repository with self-help articles about most of the tools available in Blackboard. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can always submit a request to Information Technology. They are always working to add relevant self-help articles to the portal.

Instructional Design Self-Help

The Center for Digital Learning and Instruction has several resources you can refer to when evaluating your own work. Whether you’re checking for accessibility or looking for some guidance with Concourse, we’ve got you covered.

Course Review

If you are looking for guidance about the standards to uphold for your online courses, look no further. ASU has adopted the Online Learning Consortium’s Quality Scorecard to evaluate the quality of online courses. You can always request a review from CDLI, but you may first want to use the rubric to evaluate your own course and see how you would rate yourself.