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Concourse and Syllabus Elements

A good course starts with a good syllabus.

Angelo State University uses a syllabus management tool called Concourse to help you work efficiently and to create a consistent experience for our students. Use the resources below to help you get the most out of your syllabus.

Concourse Instructional Videos

Navigating Concourse

This 7-minute video goes over how to access Concourse, how to add content, Concourse iconography, and how to reorder items.

Formatting Content in Concourse

This 11-minute video discusses the importance of adding content without formatting, following appropriate heading structure, and creating accessible hyperlinks.

Creating Tables in Concourse

This 7-minute video shows you how to bypass the pre-built tables in Concourse and create your own.

Copying Concourse Syllabus Content From a Previous Semester

This 6-minute video shows you how to copy Concourse syllabus content from a previous semester into a syllabus for an upcoming semester.

Syllabus Best Practices

Concourse is a great tool to guide you through the required elements of a syllabus, but it’s only a tool. Your syllabus creates the framework for how you plan to structure your course and the classroom management strategies you plan to use. As you put together your syllabus, here are a few things to consider.

Still have questions?

Visit ASU’s Technology Knowledge Portal to look up self-help articles to address your individual needs.