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Course Mapping

Creating a course map can be an important part of the instructional design process. It allows you to develop a plan for your course and enables you to see how each element works within the course design as a whole.

Backward Design

Course mapping goes hand-in-hand with an instructional design approach developed by Wiggins and McTighe (2005) called Backward Design. The approach follows this sequence:

  1. Identify the desired outcome for the student. What should the student know or be able to do after a learning experience?
  2. Determine what will be assessed.
  3. Select the teaching strategy (learning experience) that will most likely bring about the desired outcomes as measured by the selected assessment tool.

Creating a Course Map

To help you in the Backward Design approach, you can start with a table that becomes your course map. Typically, we recommend including columns for:

Examples and More Help

If you would like to see examples of completed course maps and learn more about the development process the Online Course Mapping Guide website offers a wealth of information.

CDLI Support

If you would like help getting started with your course map, the CDLI’s instructional design team is happy to facilitate a meeting. Contact our office today at 325-942-2853 or