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Transitioning a Face-to-Face Course Online

Transitioning a face-to-face course online can seem a bit overwhelming. Here’s a table that matches typical face-to-face teaching tasks with some of the online tools available to you to create an equitable learning environment.

Teaching Tasks and Online Tools

Teaching Tasks

Online Teaching Options

Communicating with Students

Establish communications standards for your class with your students.

Sharing Documents and Resources with Students

Post your PowerPoint presentations, lecture notes, and/or other instructional materials in Blackboard.

Sharing Lectures or Instructional Content

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a video-editing expert. The university already provides you access to lecture capture tools.

Class Discussions

In-class discussions contribute to student learning, and instructors often assess in class discussions for a grade.

Tests, Quizzes and Exams

Tests and quizzes can still be effective when given online.

Class Assignments

Collecting student work can be even easier online. Plus, a few tools and features can help you use your grading time more efficiently.

  • Deploy an assignment using Blackboard.
  • Turnitin and SafeAssign can be used to check submissions for academic integrity issues.
  • Need students to show their work? Try an assignment with Gradescope.

Group Work

Enabling peer-to-peer engagement is crucial to establish Regular and Substantive Interaction within your course.