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Teaching Remotely

Student using a macbook pro for online learning.

Courses that are online offer convenience, flexibility and the resources are available anytime and anywhere.

Getting Started

Considerations for teaching online:

For more information see the Technology Guide for Working Remotely.

Converting Classes to Online

Teaching remotely doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel. If you’re teaching a class in person, there’s a good chance you’ve already got all the raw materials you need to move a course online.

Teaching Tasks

Online Teaching Options

Communicating with students

Establish communications standards for your class with your students.

Sharing documents and files with students

Post your PowerPoint presentations, lecture notes, and/or other instructional materials in Blackboard.

In-class lectures

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a video-editing expert. The university already provides you access to lecture capture tools.

Class Discussions

In-class discussions contribute to student learning, and instructors often assess in class discussions for a grade.

Tests, Quizzes and Exams

Tests and quizzes can still be effective when given online.

Class Assignments

Collecting student work can be even easier online.

Pro-tip: don’t use email to collect work. While email is great for communication, it should not be used to collect student work.

Group Work

Other Considerations

Instructional Design Assistance

If you’re having trouble matching face-to-face assignments to online activities, reach out to your instructional designers. They are experts in digital pedagogy and can help you make sure you’re hitting those learning outcomes and objectives.

Course Support

If you are interested in receiving additional resources and being informed of training opportunities, please complete and submit the Online Teaching Support Form.

Upcoming Training

Visit the Training Events page to attend a class or webinar.

Upcoming Training

Helping Students

Much like faculty, the transition to learning online can be difficult. Share our Remote Rams guide with your students to help them get started with the basics.