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Mini-grant Proposal Formatting Guide and Outline

Formatting Guidelines

Word Processor: Word

Font & Spacing: 11-12 point Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman; double-spaced

Maximum Length: Three pages (not including references)

Manuscript Style: Proposal should be in narrative form. APA, MLA, or any other discipline-specific manuscript guidelines are acceptable

Proposal Outline

NOTE: The proposal should be written in narrative form. The outline below serves as a guide for writing the narrative, not a template for your proposal.

  1. Introduction
    1. Purpose statement
    2. Research question and/or hypothesis (SoTL proposals only)
    3. Brief literature review (maximum 200 words)
  2. Implementation Plan
    1. Budget and Justification
      1. Itemized budget (If only stipend money is proposed, there is no need to itemize.)
      2. Justification for expenditures
    2. Action Plan
      1. Project timeline and programming
      2. Performance Indicators
      3. Data collection and analysis methodologies
    3. Expected Outcomes
      1. Expected student learning outcomes
      2. Alignment with marketable skills, program goals, etc.
      3. Use of results
  3. References (maximum 5 citations)

Associated webpages and documents: