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Faculty Senate

Representing All Faculty

The ASU Faculty Senate serves to encourage and facilitate open communication among all faculty, staff, students, and administrative officials regarding all matters that pertain to academia. The Faculty Senate works closely with the ASU Staff Senate, ASU Student Government Association, ASU Alumni Association, and all levels of administration to further established academic goals, drive new academic initiatives, promote an environment conducive to effective teaching and learning, encourage and acknowledge faculty in their scholarly endeavors, and generally support academe at Angelo State.

Current Areas of Focus

Faculty Senate Officers
  AY 2022-2023 AY 2023-2024
President Dr. Twyla J. Tasker Dr. Drew Curtis
Vice-President Dr. Drew Curtis Dr. Anthony Bartl
Secretary Dr. Carlos Flores Dr. Kenna Archer
Parliamentarian Dr. Christopher Shar Dr. Trey Holik