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Committees and Councils

Shared Governance

Service on councils and/or committees constitutes an important part of a faculty member’s role in shared governance at Angelo State University. As we work collaboratively to cultivate an environment of mutual respect, we are building meaningful relationships that allow us to unite in achieving our institutional goals.

The President of Angelo State University appoints or establishes “procedures for the appointment of all faculty, staff, and student committees” listed on the following pages (OP 04.01). During the spring semester, the Faculty Senate sends a survey to all faculty, asking for their preferences in committee assignments. Though the Faculty Senate Committee on Committees attempts to recommend appointment of faculty to their preferred committee choices, often the committee appointment restrictions such as tenure status, college representation, or department representation severely limit the placements.

The Faculty Senate Committee on Committees submits recommendations to the Provost and/or the President only for those committees and councils whose appointment statement specifically identifies Faculty Senate as the recommending organization.

Current List of Committees and Councils