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President’s Awards for Faculty Excellence


To recognize outstanding faculty for excellence in three main areas of faculty performance:

To select the recommended recipients of the Texas Tech University System (TTUS) Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching and TTUS Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research. System level awardees are expected to attend the TTUS Chancellor’s banquet in December in Lubbock, TX.

Note: All colleges remain free to continue other recognitions and awards beyond those recognized in this document.

Process Overview

Oversight of the ASU President’s Excellence Awards process is the responsibility of the Faculty Senate. The President’s Awards for Faculty Excellence represent a peer-reviewed and collegial recognition by faculty of their outstanding faculty colleagues.

Faculty awardees will be announced and recognized at the annual Faculty Recognition Banquet, an event planned and carried out cooperatively by the Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Faculty Senate.

The Faculty Senate is responsible for seeking nominations, reviewing nominations, and selecting awardees. The nomination process, nominee eligibility, as well as selection criteria, are described below.

All nominations will be submitted via a website managed by the Chair of the Faculty Senate University Affairs Committee.

Nomination Criteria

Every nominee must possess a record of superior accomplishment in the area of nomination. This record of achievement must reflect the Angelo State University mission, its core values, and the mission of the college, department, and/or program of the faculty nominee.

A record of superior accomplishment in the area of EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING should contain clear and compelling evidence related to instructional quality and contributions to curricular development; success and effectiveness in student development and learning; contributions as a teacher outside the classroom leading to student success; and meaningful connections between the nominee’s participation in the discipline and teaching.

A record of superior accomplishment in the area of EXCELLENCE IN RESEARCH/CREATIVE WORKS should contain clear and compelling evidence related to scholarly works (objective, subjective, and/or artistic) and scholarly activities (new knowledge and research).

A record of superior accomplishment in the area of EXCELLENCE IN LEADERSHIP/SERVICE should contain clear and compelling evidence related to the application of an individual’s knowledge and expertise in the broader contexts of department/college/institution initiatives; service to the community/society; and professional service with the discipline.

Successful applications contextualize the significance of the nominee’s achievements, keeping in mind that those who evaluate nominations come from a range of backgrounds and may not be familiar with field-specific agencies, organizations, grants, awards, and/or publishing houses.


Any faculty member who has completed at least one full academic year at Angelo State University with satisfactory evaluations is eligible for peer nomination.

Nomination Process

Early in the Spring semester, an email from the Faculty Senate will be sent to all faculty outlining the nomination process, the nomination forms, and a submission link.

Nomination materials for each nominee must include:

All materials should be combined into a single PDF document and submitted to the link identified in email sent to all faculty.

Due Date

Nomination forms are due by 5 p.m. on the Friday before Spring Break.

Selection Process

Composition of the Semi-Finalist Selection Committee

All Faculty Senators, except those who are on the Executive Committee, comprise the selection committee for Semi-Finalists. The Semi-Finalist Selection Committee will review all submitted nominations. If one of the Faculty Senators is a nominee, the senator will not participate in the selection process for that category.

Selection Process at the Semi-Finalist Level

The Chair of the University Affairs Committee will all nominations to each of the committee members along with instructions for evaluation and the number of semi-finalists to select.

Composition of the University Level Selection Committee

The Faculty Senate Executive Committee will serve as the University Level Selection Committee. The Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee will serve as the ex officio chair of this selection committee. If this chair is a nominee, the Faculty Senate President will serve as the chair.

Selection Process at the University Level

The Executive Committee will select one nominee from the semi-finalists in each category. These awardees will receive the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, Excellence in Research/Creative Works, and Excellence in Leadership/Service. These final selections will remain secret until the Awards Ceremony.