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Angelo State University offers an array of insurance and work life benefits for employees and dependents.

ERS Online

Angelo State University is a state agency and, as such, most of its employee benefits are administered by the Employees Retirement System (ERS) of Texas.

The ERS homepage gives you 24-hour access to benefits information.

New employees can read more about their benefits in the New Employee Benefits guide. Click here, then choose the guide for employees of higher education institutions.

To learn more, use the benefits links or contact ASU’s Office of Human Resources at 325-942-2168 or


Check out some of the other discounts and perks available to ASU Employees.

More Benefits

CHIPRA requires all employers participating in group health plans to provide an annual notice to all employees who reside in states in which premium reimbursement assistance is available, regardless of whether the employee is enrolled in the group health plan or not. You can find more information related to CHIPRA on the Medicaid website or the U.S. Department of Labor website. A model notice is updated by the Department of Labor annually with the website and phone number for each participating state’s health insurance premium payment program.