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Dental Benefits

ASU employees can enroll in Delta Dental DHMO coverage or State of Texas Dental Choice PPO coverage. You can only enroll in one of the dental offerings. You and your dependents must enroll in the same dental plan.

Visit the ERS website for more information on the dental plans.

Dental Maintenance Organization (DHMO)

Administered by DeltaCare USA.

To receive plan benefits, you must select and use a primary care dentist (PCD) from the DHMO Dentist Finder.

To search for a participating dentist, visit the provider look-up page and click on the Find a DHMO Dentist link to select a primary care dentist (PCD).

State of Texas Dental Choice Plan

Administered by Delta Dental.

Choose any dentist. You will receive higher benefits if using a participating dentist through the preferred provider network.

To search for a network dentist in the San Angelo area, use this provider look-up page and click on the Find a PPO Dentist link.

Dental Contact Information

View the ERS Dental Overview for more information about dental options.

Or, visit the Delta Dental website or call 1-888-818-7925 for information about the DHMO or State of Texas Dental Choice Plan.

HumanaDental claims through 8/31/19 can be viewed at