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TexFlex Spending Accounts

Starting in 2024, PayFlex is becoming Inspira Financial, with no major impact on current TexFlex operations.

Carryover maximums

The health care or limited-purpose FSAs allow participants at the end of Plan Year 2024 (9/1/2023 - 8/31/2024) to carry over unused funds between $25 and $610 to Plan Year 2025. You will lose any funds over $610 if you do not spend them by the end of the plan year on 8/31/2024.

The dependent care FSA will not allow any funds to carry over, but you have a grace period which allows you 2 1/2 months after the plan year ends on August 31. You will lose any funds from the previous plan year that you do not use by November 15.

New Employees

If you elect to participate as a new employee and have a health coverage waiting period, you will have a 60-day waiting period before your TexFlex health care or limited-purpose FSA will begin. Enrollment becomes active on the first day of the month following your 60th day of employment.

FSA-Health Account

Following this plan, the entire amount you pledge for the plan year is available up front, so it is like an interest- and tax-free loan that can be used for approved health care costs. The TexFlex annual maximum contribution is $3,050 for health care.

FSA-Day Care Account

This plan is used for day care for children younger than 13 or for adult family members. Following this plan, you must pay out-of-pocket for day care expenses and then file for reimbursement. The TexFlex annual maximum contribution is $5,000 for day care.

Limited Flexible Spending Accounts

Only employees enrolled in Consumer Directed HealthSelect, can enroll in a limited FSA. The limited FSA lets you set aside money on a pre-tax basis, for both you and your eligible dependents, the same way a TexFlex health care FSA does, except it is limited to dental and vision expenses so that it complies with IRS requirements.

PayFlex Debit Card

This debit card allows you to access your FSA-Health Account without having to pay for health care costs with cash or a credit card and then file for reimbursement. Keep all debit card receipts in case you are asked for them.

You must activate the debit card prior to use and may contact PayFlex to request additional cards. There is no charge for the TexFlex health care account debit card.

Dependent care participants will no longer be eligible to use the debit card and will need to submit claims online, by fax or by mail.

Submitting Claims

To submit an FSA claim visit the PayFlex website and choose Express Claims to file claims electronically.

Contact Information

PayFlex toll-free
Phone: 866-353-9839 (TTY: 711)
Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. CT.

For more information, visit the TexFlex webpage.