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Employee Tuition Exemption Program

All staff and faculty employees are encouraged to consider continuing your education by enrolling in ASU classes and taking advantage of the university’s Employee Tuition Exemption Program.

Under this program, a part of tuition and fees for up to three undergraduate or graduate credit hours per semester will be waived for employees who wish to enroll in regular academic courses. Full-time staff employees and faculty are eligible to participate in this program.

An overview of the program is provided below:

Who Is Eligible?

Eligible employees include full-time faculty and staff who meet the following criteria:

  1. Currently employed at ASU in a full-time, benefits-eligible position.
  2. Are employed full-time at the end of the academic semester.
  3. Are in good standing, i.e., have a performance rating of “meets expectations” on the most recent performance review.
  4. Are not in a disciplinary status, i.e., reprimand or performance improvement plan, six months prior to the beginning of the academic semester.
  5. Do not have a delinquency in student loans or money owed for previous courses taken.

Which Courses Are Eligible?

Only regular undergraduate and graduate academic courses are eligible for this waiver program. The course does not have to relate to the employee’s job.


  1. The waiver applies to a three credit hour course.
  2. Employees must obtain approval from their supervisor to attend class during business hours and must agree to make up missed work time as mutually agreed between employee and supervisor.
  3. Approval and application to participate in the program must be submitted prior to the beginning of each academic semester or summer session.
  4. The waiver is granted at the time of registration for the current semester and will apply provided the employee maintains a 2.25 grade point average for an undergraduate course (3.0 for graduate courses). If the employee’s GPA falls below 2.25 (3.0 for graduate courses), all tuition and applicable fees for that course will be due and payable to the university.
  5. Class approved for under this program that are dropped or withdrawn from will forfeit the tuition exemption benefit.

Course Tuition and Fees Subject to Exemption

  1. For undergraduate courses, all tuition types but statutory tuition (currently $50 per credit hour) are exempt for a three credit hour course. For graduate courses, all tuition types but statutory tuition (currently $50 per credit hour), masters tuition differential (currently $45 per credit hour), and doctoral tuition differential (currently $50 per credit hour) are exempt for a three hour course.
  2. The following fees are waived for 3 credit hours under this program:
    1. Student Service
    2. Technology Services
    3. University Center
    4. Instructional Enhancement
    5. Advising Center
    6. International Education
    7. Library
    8. Athletic
    9. Recreational Sports
    10. Medical Services
    11. Financial and Records Service Fee
    12. Undergraduate Research Fee
    13. Outdoor Facility Conservation Fee
    14. Transportation Fee
  3. The following fees are NOT waived under this program:
    1. Statutory Tuition
    2. Graduate Statutory Differential Tuition
    3. Doctoral Statutory Differential Tuition
    4. Distance Education

Use the Tuition Estimator to calculate your cost after the exemption.

See full list of Tuition and Fees

Application and Approval Procedures

  1. Employees must follow standard admissions and enrollment procedures to register for classes.
  2. Supervisor approval is required if the course dates and times are during the employee’s regular work hours.
  3. The Application for Employee Tuition Exemption Program must be completed by the employee, approved by a supervisor, and then sent to Human Resources to determine eligibility under this program.
  4. The original application is sent by Human Resources to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships as they partner with the ASU Faculty/Staff Senate to identify faculty & staff that are taking classes at ASU to invite them to apply for the ASU Faculty/Staff Senate Employee scholarship.
  5. The original application is reviewed by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Office to make any necessary financial aid adjustments for those students/employees who have applied for financial aid.
  6. The original application is sent by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to the Bursar’s Office for review and acknowledgement.
  7. The original application is returned to Human Resources and kept in the employee’s file. A copy of the application is sent to the employee for record keeping.
  8. At the end of the academic semester or summer session, the student/employee must provide a copy of the course grade to Human Resources. Human Resources will verify grade and employment requirements.
  9. A copy of the approved application will be sent to the Bursar’s Office.

Application Deadline

The deadline to submit the Application for Employee Tuition Exemption Program to the Office of Human Resources is two weeks before tuition is due.


More Information

Any questions about this program or the application procedures may be addressed by calling the Office of Human Resources at 942-2168 or sending an email to