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Instructional Design


The ASU Instructional Designers (ID’s) mission is to provide faculty with support to be successful in their teaching endeavors. We collaborate and consult with faculty on the effective use of the following tools in online, face-to-face and blended learning environments:

We are also charged with planning, developing and facilitating training/workshops on best practices for online instruction and use of educational technology in the classroom.

Instructional Designers create materials, instructional videos and resources that would benefit faculty in helping them design strategies that foster meaningful learning in their face-to-face, hybrid, and online classrooms. In this, we work together well as a team and share resources.


Instructional Designers help instructors to develop and maintain courses within Blackboard each semester. We assist faculty in the following areas:

To take advantage of these services, please submit your course syllabus to an ID.

Course Maintenance and New Course Creation

Whether you are new to teaching using Blackboard or have many courses developed within this platform, the following services are open to you. We recommend that you first submit your course syllabus to an ID.

Get Featured

If you want to highlight something you are doing in Blackboard or in your classroom, contact us and we will be happy to feature your work.

Instructional Design

We must acknowledge that there is no single systems approach model for designing instruction!

Collectively, all design models and the processes they represent are referred to in a part of Instructional Systems Development (ISD). Instructional Design (ID) is used as an umbrella term that includes all the phases of the ISD process.